Integration of Emails (In/Out) - Emails (In/Out) - Files - Actions within the Case

Integration of Case History
The system provides a consolidated combination of all events in the Case life cycle. An event could be an Email received (by any user) / a document composed and sent (by any user) / an action entered (Case created / Closed / Settled / Adjuster changed ...Etc for a specific client case. They can be all listed in chronological order where the user can see details of each.Even if the email was deleted from outlook, or the user receiving the email is not logged in.
The user as well can see list of all files related to a specific case whether attached to emails or created from template or scanned in a transaction or copied in a transaction. by selecting any of these files, the user will read everything about its contents, or open and view the file or print it, or even see the email or transaction to shich the file is linked.