"SureLegal is the CANADIAN application of choice for law firms to manage the Injury Claims. Using SureLegal software will make your work extremely efficient. "

The videos will show you a high level overview of the system. You can request a demonstration in your premises within Toronta

SureLegal Features

Simplicity, Flexibility, Integration, and Help
The system is simple to use and flexible to configure, Integrated so that user enters the information once and the system will distribute it to all areas. In addition, the system is provided with full audio video contextual help in every form which explains the different functionality that the user wants.

Flexible Retainer Agreement Terms
The system allows the user to enter a lot of variations for the agreement terms, they can even be changed from client to client. However, there are set of system level settings considered as default if the user does not overwrite them. In all cases the agreement can be printed in a format that can be defined as a template by the Firm. The system provides an agreement template out of the box, but this template can be flexibly updated by the firm, and the system will follow the updates when printing

Manage Claim Cases throughout all Phases
The system allows the user to enter all the details as captured in OCF-1 form, and make these information available when needed.Some of these information are automatically retrieved by the transaction to fill up other forms or reports.In addition to the detailed information, the system provides summary data about all the case aspects ready for answering even in a phone call

Automatic Document and Letters Creation and Management
With the provided out of the box document templates, the user can create letters using one mouse click. The system provides functionality allowing the users to update the templates and create any number of new templates to fit exactly the letters and correspondences used by the firm without change. The system Allows user to scan documents, and manages them.

Managing Case Related Emails and Full integration with Outlook
The system merges all emails related to a specific client case received or sent by all users and preserve the emails even if the individual users delete the emails from their inbox or sent folder. This important feature is performed through a full integration with outlook. Even the deleted emails can be opened and referenced because they are saved in the database.

Integration of Mail (In/Out), Emails (in/Out), and Files within the case
This feature is very important, as it allows the user to see the case in full with all its related information of any type to be seen in time order, regardless if the action is a letter/email/file/transaction... or any other.

Dispute Resolution Management
The system manages the disputes starting from receiving OCF-9 document with denied expenses/benefits through Mediation, Arbitration, and Settlement. These dispute resolution stages are very simple to manage in the system, starting from automatically creating the Mediation/Arbitration based on the denied services till the distribution of the Settlement Gross through all accounts.

Comprehensive Reports
The system provides large group of reports, which fulfil the requirements of all levels, from the data entry user to the managers level. Reports are either Client Case oriented, or Cross-client cases reports.

Security Control and Configurability
The system is very configurable to fit the way firm performs the work. The administrator can configure the different aspects and areas of the system using an easy to use admin console. The setting includes defining the different file groups locations, and default accounting rules. The admin can also maintain the users and grant permissions against different functions to each, so that the users responsibilities are controlled.

Includes Accounting for Client and Health care Provider
The system provide detailed accounting with balances for both the Health Care Provider and Client. The accounting includes are transactions related to each, and provide balance and statement of account.

Reminders and TODO list
The system provides a Reminder which allows the user to record special events that the system should remind of. The TODO is a list automatically created for each case where the user can add to.