"SureLegal is the CANADIAN application of choice for law firms to manage the Injury Claims. Using SureLegal software will make your work extremely efficient. "

The videos will show you a high level overview of the system. You can request a demonstration in your premises within Toronta


The following list contains the support details and contact information.

Request a demo We are pleased to provide you with a demo in your office, when requested. You will get a demo version after the demo where you can try it before contacting us to buy the system.

To order a demo you need to contact us and provide the following information

  • Your Office Name

  • Your Office Address

  • Your Office Phone

  • Your Contact person

Tel : (647) 466-6774

Email : support@suredata.org
Request support We will provide the help either on the phone, via email, using remote access, or in person. during your valid support period you will be granted unlimited support calls, and 3 physical visits.
Please review pricing page for support cost. Pricing
Tel : (647) 466-6774

Email : support@suredata.org