Managing Client Case Related Emails and Integration with OUTLOOK

Integration with OUTLOOK
The system provides detailed level integration with OUTLOOK for the Emails area. The integration covers the following:
  • Can View all Incoming / outgoing Emails for a period
    After defining the required period, the system can retrieve the OUTLOOK emails in the selected period. The user can read any of these emails, and open the attachements.
  • Mark the emails specific to the cases of interest and assign them to the case
    This action will import the selected (linked) emails into the database, where the users can retrieve later in the context of the client case.
  • Review the emails even after deletion from outlook
  • Merging the emails imported by different users under the client case, regardless of the user receiving them.
  • Merge the Emails, files, documents, and transactions to compose a clear full case documentation.
  • Can send the documents scanned by the system or documents composed by the system and attachements to the emails.